After my first child, if my husband had had his way, we would have stopped at one.  We were so smitten with our little girl; we couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as we loved her.  I know – very cliché.  Then came number two.  Of course, we were equally as smitten with him, and he fit perfectly into our family of four.  Everything was great, and it was time to stop.  I gave away all of my baby stuff – clothes, bouncy chairs, buggies, you name it, I flogged it.  I wanted a baby free zone, toys and paraphernalia included.

Then….we had a change of heart.  Not wanting to debate the merits vs. the difficulties of whether or not to have three children for years to come, we went for it.  I very quickly fell pregnant and then we took a step back and thought, uh oh, what have we done?  I am pleased to say that number three is a joy, and he also has fitted into our family (now five) very nicely and things are great, yet again.  Shop closed for business.

So why am I now finding myself broody?  I have sworn never to have another, and again, have given everything away.  The thought of being pregnant, giving birth, and going through breastfeeding hell fills me with trepidation and fear.  So what’s with the need to procreate?  When do we stop?  I am almost certain that we won’t have a fourth, but how do you know when the right time to stop is?

I have spoken to many women who try to claim that their number is the magic number.   Of course, in so many cases, it is sadly not a matter of choice.  When it is however, there are so many factors to consider – the planet’s resources, the financial strain, the impact on the other children.  The list goes on and on.   I have come up with a very important factor to consider that is often neglected when considering another child.  Will you and your partner get through it?  Can you handle another one and still remain who you are as a couple? Of course that doesn’t rule out any of the other factors, but to me, that seems like a consideration that you can’t discard.

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