Pregnant and sick?  What natural remedies can you take?

With fantastic timing, it is half term and all of us are sick.  Colds, coughs, achy miserable children surround me all whilst my head throbs and I feel like crawling back into bed.  The only saving grace is that I am not pregnant!  As I made myself a remedy of hot water, lemon and honey, it all came back to me – the misery during pregnancy when you are sick and you can’t take anything!  Funny enough, now that I am not pregnant, I actually haven’t taken anything that hasn’t been natural.  Maybe it’s the idea of not being able to have something that makes you want it more.

I hear pregnant women all the time asking “can I take Sudafed?”, or “can I take cough medicine?” or one that I wanted to know was “can I take Halls?”.  The answers, as far as I’ve come across, are no.  You can only take paracetamol whilst pregnant and that is it.  Anything else has to be natural.  Obviously there are other conditions that necessitate taking medication, but in this post I am talking about colds and flu.  

During one of my pregnancies, swine flu was at its peak, and I had the Doctor surgery calling me and telling me to book in for the swine flu vaccine.  I remember feeling nervous about not taking it, and wondering if I should give into the pressure that was surrounding all of the news about pregnancy and swine flu and how dangerous it could be.  In the end, I decided against it, and thankfully I was fine without it.  

The fact is that while they do numerous studies on vaccines and medication whilst pregnant, I always went with the feeling that if it was in any way a risk I would avoid it.  The same went for sushi (much to my dismay) and heavy exercise (not so much dismay) and blue cheese and anything else that I was worried about.  Of course I had the thought many times that women in France eat blue cheese and are fine and women in Japan eat sushi and are fine, but if I am being told not to do something whilst pregnant, that was good enough reason for me.  Any risk simply wasn’t worth taking.  Internet searches don’t always give clear advice, so I wouldn’t rely on what you find there either.  Let’s be clear – I am not part of the pregnancy brigade and I wouldn’t judge anyone else and their decisions, but I tended to be quite cautious.

So, in the spirit of natural remedies, here are some that I have heard are helpful when you are bunged up in pregnancy with cold and / or flu.  Please comment with any others you may have tried!

 Good old fashioned remedies:

1) Hot water, lemon, honey 

2) Head over steam to clear 

3) Manuka honey and hot water

4) Saline nasal drops

5) Eating a spicy meal (not sure about this one??) 

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