I’ve always thought quite a lot about twins as my Dad is an identical twin.  My grandmother got the shock of her life when they were born, especially as she was expecting one little girl.  Nowadays, mothers are able to get used to the idea from their 12 week scan and start to prepare for two little ‘bundle-o-joys’.  When I say prepare, I would imagine it would be quite something to wrap your head around mentally, emotionally, physically and practically.

I have a few friends who have twins, and there are loads of mothers in the baby groups I go to with twins.  I still remember the ‘frozen face of shock’ on one friend’s face as she announced that she was pregnant with not one, but two babies.  I think the look pretty much stayed with her for the whole nine months, and it wasn’t until they were born that she finally settled into the idea.  Another of my friends with twins, has said (repeatedly) that she wouldn’t wish twins on her worst enemy!

When we had our third child, I was having my scan and my husband had popped out to take the other two kids to the loo.  When he came back in, I proudly announced that everything was going smoothly and the baby was healthy and growing well.  He didn’t really seem to process any of that until he asked, “Is it only one?  There is only one, right?” It was only once that was out of the way as a possibility, could he relax and be happy about the pregnancy.

I have always thought that despite the obvious hurdles that must be overcome with twins (double the cost, double the space, double the car seats, buggies, cots, clothes, feeding, etc. etc.) it must be such an amazing experience to watch two little babies grow and develop as individuals throughout the same time period.  All the joys that you would have with one child, you would have those two-fold.  Motherhood is filled with joys, and I would imagine they’d be immense with twins. 

The responses that I’ve got from all mums of twins seem pretty straightforward: a trajectory from shock (maybe a bit of despair) to hard work to gratefulness to being overjoyed.  We’d love to hear from more mums of twins or even any mums-to-be who are pregnant with twins.  I think you’ll join me in congratulating them all on being amazing, strong and most of all, brave!!

Responses (see our Facebook page)

Becky Adler  I said “oh my god” repeatedly for about an hour!

Victoria Jackson I am single mummy to twin boys, who are 2 yrs 9 months, my first reaction, Shock, boys were my first children, being pregnant was scary thinking about, when i pregnant, i was married and had a husband, but he couldn’t cope with it all & turned violent, i left six weeks before boys arrived, no regrets, twins hard work, but 100 per cent worth it 🙂 x

Rakhee Shah My initial reaction was Oh my God – I should have expected it as they are IVF twins and we had two embryos put back in but our initial reaction at finding out we were pregnant in the first place took over everything else. It was at the 7 week scan I found out we were pregnant with twins and really overjoyed after at the fact that the treatment had worked and also that both embryos took place. It’s the best thing to have happened and I am so grateful I have twins!

Angie Allies Went for my 12 week scan, was alone with the sonographer (husband running late with my eldest son) and she kept going outside to look for him and then I started to worry so she told me alone, i cried and was very shocked and wondered how we will cope!…my husband went very quiet when he finally arrived but now they are nearly 5 months old and we are all so happy although pretty tired but they are sooooo worth all the hard work :o) we are lucky and it truly is so special having twins!