Work it at work…not an easy task when your body is growing (rapidly) and you don’t feel your best.

What is a working mum-to-be to do?

Accessorize – some of the best things to buy when you are pregnant are accessories.  The beauty of buying shoes, scarves, necklaces etc. is that they will all still fit after you’ve had the baby. Big, colourful chunky necklaces are stylish and dressy, and scarves are in fashion to give you that classic, well dressed look.

chunky necklace

Moisturize – there are so many amazing products for pregnant women.  See our Shea Mooti range, lovely creams and lotions to pamper your body and skin.  If your skin looks great, it will show and people will compliment you on how pregnancy suits you.  Get a new haircut or get your hair blown dry, all of these things will help you look your best.

Mix and match – one of the concepts behind Bundle-O-Joy is to make maternity easy by assembling your wardrobe from the basics up.  Have a look at our Get the Look photo-shoot to see how easy it is.  If you buy the staples to start off, you can even use pieces that are non-maternity to change your look.  If you buy a dress, a skirt, a blouse, a pair of trousers, and a few vests, that could be enough to last you through your pregnancy.  Use blazers, cardigans, wrap tops and tunic tops to add to these pieces and you will look great. See our work wear for tailored, great quality items that can be dressed up for work and then also worn for a night out.

Colour – add some vibrant colours to your basics.  You don’t have to dress in monochrome colours just because you are pregnant.  Have a look at our bright Funmum tops – they look very smart with our white linen trousers or black work trousers.  Add a scarf or fun necklace, and you will look like the best dressed person in the office!

Trends – Flowers are all the rage this season as are wedges – see Clark’s site to combine both trends together!  Stripes are in as well (see our latest Gosella tunic top). Click here to see Sienna Miller sporting a striped maternity top.  Get creative, look in fashion magazines so you can stay on trend.  If wedges are in, then team up a pair with leggings and a tunic top.  It’s not only celebrities who can look great when pregnant!  Mid-height heels are en vogue at the minute thanks to Kate Middleton, who wears them and pulls it off without stilettos.  Pregnant women everywhere should be thrilled!

Some other ideas:

Our white blouse is a classic. Since the tie can be worn either under your bump or over it, you can give this seemingly plain blouse a few different looks.  Wear it with a cardigan, blazer, vest or on its own!

White maternity Crave blouse

Our black trousers are a favourite with working mums. They are very high qualityand therefore will last you throughout your pregnancy.  They are so versatile and you could even wear them daily if need be (or why not buy two pairs??)

If you prefer skirts / dresses to trousers, try a knee length skirt (a suitable length for pregnancy) or you could try any of our dresses to give you a more dressed up look.

If you have any other suggestions for the workplace, please feel free to share them!