Never has it been so cool to be expecting….baby bumps are shown in the magazines as the accessory du jour, almost like a trend that you don’t want to miss out on.  What makes pregnant celebrities so fashionable and why are we so interested in them and their offspring?

A few possibilities:

1)      We like to see them behaving somewhat normal e.g. eating for two, scarfing down burgers and frappucinos, just like the rest of us.  I haven’t seen any pregnant celebrities waxing on about their vegan diets, juice cleanses, and raw food cravings.

2)      We like to see them looking somewhat normal e.g. putting on some much needed weight, having curves in the right places and having womanly bodies that are suitable for childrearing.  Size 0 and pregnancy don’t go together – hurrah!

3)      We like to see them cohabitating in a somewhat more traditional fashion e.g. boy meets girl, they settle down and have a child rather than having two minute marriages and a string of endless partners…although that of course still happens in Hollywood, pregnancy or not!

4)      Whilst many celebrities lose their baby weight in the blink of an eye, most of them can’t hide the fact that they are pregnant (there are exceptions to this rule).  It is to the pleasure of us mere mortals to see some famous mums-to-be putting on a lot of weight.  A memorable pregnancy was Kate Hudson (first time around) as she gained a lot, it made me feel normal!

5)  We obsess over how quickly they lose their baby weight, as if it is a national sport.  Who’s done it the quickest, who looks the best, who had the best celebrity trainer…We probably wouldn’t be as interested in them losing the weight, if we weren’t so obsessed with watching them gain it!

Then, it’s the fashion.  The goal seems to be to make ourselves look as glamorous as possible whilst pregnant.  You won’t see celebrities sacrificing style for comfort, they seem to have a new outfit every day. The maternity industry has certainly grown and changed over the last few years, with so many options to stay on trend and look and feel your best.  We certainly try to keep our stock up to date to keep up with the latest – many of our customers comment on how versatile our clothes are and how they are able to wear them with the latest fashions to get the look!

At Bundle-O-Joy, we thought it would be fun to vote on the best presented pregnant celebrity due in 2012 from the following:

1)      Reese Witherspoon










2)      Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller pregnant

3)      Sarah Michelle Gellar

sarah michelle gellar pregnant

4)      Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling pregnant

5)      Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell pregnant

Who do you think has rocked the best look?  Who has made pregnancy look desirable?  We will be tallying results and holding a COMPETITION (details below) so please vote on:

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Or below in the comments section!

COMPETITION DETAILS: One lucky voter will be picked randomly on Sunday 24th June 2012 and will win our amazing prize as seen above and below. Prize Draw is open to UK residents only, although anyone can vote. Winner will be notified by Friday 29th June 2012.


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