We are excited to introduce our new feature….Pregger of the month.  Each month, Bundle-O-Joy will choose a different pregnant mum-to-be (or mum) to be featured on the blog.  We look forward to hearing when the bumps become babies!  

Our very first pregger is Rachel Whitaker who is looking lovely in her pregnancy.   

How far along are you?

36 weeks

Have you got any other children or is this the first?

This is my first.

What are you most excited about?

Seeing my little one for the first time and giving it its first cuddle!

What are you most nervous about?

Knowing how to care for my baby, I’m as prepared as I could be but its all unknown!

Most inappropriate pregnant remark made to you?

Are you only carrying one, because you are big? Are you sure there aren’t two in there?

Have you found it difficult to stay stylish while pregnant?

Not at all, I have really enjoyed dressing my bump and have loved my shape!

What are you most enjoying about your pregnancy?

Knowing that I’m carrying our tiny little baby inside me everywhere I go. Its a special and unique feeling, I feel very very lucky to be pregnant and to have been so well thoughout it.

What is your biggest gripe?

The way some people talk to pregnant women, I’ve overheard comments to friends  I know that are pregnant and it makes me furious. For some reason, the fact that people are pregnant makes others believe they have a license to say what they like about someone’s size.  And you know they wouldn’t like a comment in return, however true. Its such an amazing time and event in a woman’s life, they should never be made to feel unconfident. And when hormones are increased, they might not brush it off in the way they might have previously.

Have you had any crazy cravings?


Did you find out what you are having?  Explain why (either way)…

No we didn’t! We were going to and then decided it was too exciting and we didn’t want to spoil the best surprise we would ever have. But that hasn’t stopped people believing we have found out and being convinced we have said her, him, she, he at times!! I think people love to guess and thats fine because we do to!!

You can follow Rachel on Twitter @RachWhitaker to find out what she’s had!!

Please enquire if you are interested in being our Pregger of the Month at info@bundleojoy.co.uk