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Quite a common question I hear amongst pregnant women is “Why in the world is it called morning sickness?”  It almost never takes place in the morning and it is certainly not confined to that period.  I was one of the lucky ones.  When I say lucky, I mean I only threw up once a day with my pregnancies.  I also never felt sick in the mornings.  My worst period was at 5:00 pm, just when I had to feed one or two kids their tea, and I could barely stand up I felt so nauseous.  Not the greatest timing, was it?

The other very annoying thing about morning sickness is how long it can go on for.  Pregnant mums are continuously told to be patient, it will go at 12 weeks.  Unfortunately in my three cases, it lasted until 14 or 15 weeks.  Every day past 12 weeks, I waited to feel better but it didn’t subside.  If anything it was worse!  The only consolation I suppose is that morning sickness is a definitive sign of pregnancy and the more symptoms you feel, the greater the sense of security in your pregnancy carrying to term.  

In addition to the normal unpleasantness most of us suffer with, there is a condition called hyperemesis gravidum, which is more than just normal morning sickness.  It is a severe condition that is quite rare in pregnant women, where the nausea and vomiting is excessive and can continue throughout the pregnancy.  I do know someone who has suffered through this and it is really really upsetting and disheartening.  Almost nothing gets kept down and the mum-to-be is constantly in the toilet, never knowing how many times a day she’ll be sick!  Consider yourself lucky like myself if you only have usual, bog standard morning sickness.

Although sometimes there is literally nothing you can do except wait it out, I have provided some suggestions to combat morning sickness.  None are scientifically proven, although ginger seems to have the most research behind it.  So these are really only suggestions, not cures for morning sickness!  Please feel free to add any that you found effective for our pregnant readers.  


1) Have something by your bed (e.g. dry cracker) for when you wake up, as that is often a time when nausea strikes.

2) Try ginger tea, ginger biscuits or ginger ale.  

3) A lot of my readers recommend Sea bands.  Never tried them, but have heard good things.

4)  Lie on the sofa and moan continuously with your eyes closed – worked for me!

Other suggestions welcome below or on our FB page.