This is a subject talked about, blogged about, gossiped about and dreaded.  The months of pregnancy are joyous as you can eat what you like, when you like.  Each successive time I got pregnant, I vowed to be better, more vigilant and more careful about what I ate so I wouldn’t gain too much.  Each time I gained more than the last.  So, in terms of losing it all, it must be said – some women are just lucky.  They present their new baby proudly and you look at them with envy.

Surely they can’t look that good only a few weeks after giving birth.  Surely they are not fitting into their skinny jeans so quickly.  Most of us others aren’t so lucky – the weight doesn’t just melt away! …It just stays put.  Even whilst breastfeeding! I’ve heard many times that breastfeeding helps you shed the baby weight more quickly and easily. And, while that may be true if you are one of those aforementioned “lucky ones”, for the rest of us it takes a lot of hard work.  It means dragging your butt to the gym, cutting out the sweets, biscuits and cakes that you have grown to rely on, and really putting in a special effort towards losing those extra pounds.   I even feel that ‘nine months up and nine months down’ is overstating things.  I still haven’t quite lost all of it after baby number three and he is ten months!  The pressure is immense to look good straight after having a baby.

It shouldn’t be like that.  My advice  – relax and enjoy your baby!  When the time is right, start your weight loss program by doing something that works for you.  In the meantime, Bundle-O-Joy provides clothes for your pregnancy that will stay with you for those first few weeks (or months) after you have your baby and still can’t fit into your skinny jeans.