In order to introduce our NEW Keep Fit Bundle, today we have a guest post about exercising during pregnancy.  Please check with your GP or midwife first to make sure it is safe for you to do so.  If you are given the go ahead, buy a Keep Fit Bundle and get into the gym with your bump, attend a Pilates for pregnancy class or try pregnancy yoga.   


Exercising when pregnant

Although I run exercise classes for mums, I don’t actually run pre-natal or post-natal classes.  However, I still get a lot of questions about exercising when pregnant.  A lot of the mums in my class are trying for another baby and are frightened that as soon as they join they’ll fall pregnant again! So lets clear this up: exercising when pregnant is GOOD for you! It will not only help your body cope with pregnancy weight gain but can reduce tiredness, constipation and circulation problems. Keeping active whilst pregnant can make it easier to re-gain pre-pregnancy fitness levels after the birth. It can also aid sleep and prepare you for labour.

Getting started and keeping it up

Keep it low-impact and gentle on you and the baby. If you’re currently not that active, then don’t take up any new exercise regime without speaking to your midwife.

If you decide to continue at a current exercise class then make sure the instructor knows you are now pregnant. This is important, as he /she will then be able to make a desicion on whether the class is suitable for you and what adaptions need to be made.

Listen to your body and take it easy. Its very important not to over-do it. Drink plenty of water and don’t allow yourself to get overheated for pro-longed periods.

Make sure to wear a sports bra and watch your balance, as pregnancy alters your centre of gravity.

Walking is a great form of exercise and pre-natal classes are perfect for meeting other mums. Swimming is also another great option to be considered.

Also bear in mind that you’re exercising because its great for your health, but that whilst pregnant it shouldn’t be used as a form of weight loss.  Rather, use exercise to aid with the well-being of your pregnancy.

The NHS website is a great resource of information about keeping active whilst pregnant, and Netmums generally has numerous listings of exercise classes for pre-natal and post-natal mums.

Finally, remember to enjoy it! Doing something you don’t enjoy when you’re hormonal isn’t a great idea. There are lots of relaxing exercise programmes available for pregnancy e.g. yoga, so take the time to look at various options and choose the one that’s best for you.

Written by Kirsty Dee Bowerbank-steel – Exercise to Music instructor and REPS registered.