I don’t think I’m unusual in trying to shift all of my baby gear. Unfortunately for me, I did this all too quickly after baby number two, thinking that there were no more to come. After number three came along, I had to borrow and buy quite a number of things, but am now in the situation again of what to do with it all!  It feels like I am on a constant clearing out mission. 

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I have thought about why my need is so strong to have this baby stuff gone.  I think in part it is a way of saying goodbye to the baby years and looking ahead to the next phase.  I think it has to do with making space for new, incoming things that seem to accumulate at a rate of naughts these days.  I think some of my baby related gear has been through three kids and it is so far beyond repair that I actually can’t look at it any more!  

I have given a lot of the clothes away.  Luckily, I have grateful recipients and the clothes are being re-worn and seen in photos on nephews, nieces and friends’ kids.  It is such a joy to see things not going to waste and seeing them worn again.  Quite a lot of clothes have made their way to my local charity shop (where I have a gift-aid card) and I always am happy to receive a letter telling me how much money was raised for my donations.

It is great to give stuff away to couples who have just had their first baby.  The look on their faces is priceless when they see the amount of stuff that has accumulated over time – you can almost see them swearing at you under their breaths at the very same time as being grateful and thankful for saving them money and time.  Where are they going to store it?  Does a baby really need all that stuff?  

I have posed the question to my readers: How do you get rid of your baby stuff?

Some answers worth sharing: Ebay, facebook, charity shops, toddler groups, jumble sales, freecycle, in-laws, and with great difficulty!