I am trying to quickly write this blog post whilst my youngest naps, my middle one plays near me and my eldest is at school.  I have already gone to Debutots (local drama class), done laundry, picked up from nursery, cleaned the house, done some work, and made and cleaned up from lunch.  I am not saying all of this to brag about how much I can get done, but it is with a chuckle (well sort of) that I remember how I could barely get dressed before 2 pm when I only had one small newborn baby.

I remember discussing this sentiment with my sister when our big ones were little – not being able to do something simple  even though it was something that had repeatedly been set as a task for the day.  She told me that she had wanted to take one buggy out of the boot (trunk) of her car in order to make room for her lighter Maclaren.  It was a task that would take all of 30 seconds, yet she hadn’t ‘been able’ to do it for weeks.  Sound familiar?

Early days with a small baby are tough – you may feel like you are wading through quicksand or walking around in a foggy, semi-conscious state.  Your body is not your own, you are functioning on little sleep, and you have a new little person to care for on a minute by minute basis.  Those physical demands are challenging enough, but then you have to compound the emotional aspect of introducing this baby into your life, your new life.  There is a third person in the relationship, a fact that many mums don’t quite account for.  

The best thing to do (in my opinion) is to try to get out of the house.  Meet some mums who are going through the same experience as you are.  Try doing something that is part of your ‘old’ life e.g. reading the newspaper, watching your favourite program, seeing a film etc.  By meeting your emotional needs you may start to feel human again.   Or at least a little closer to who you are.  Don’t be too hard on yourself either, give your body a chance to recover and wait until you are ready to tackle new challenges.  Get help if you need it and most of all, enjoy your baby!  

Note to readers: As you can probably tell, I shouldn’t have given myself such a pat on the back (see first paragraph) as I wrote this post on Friday and it is not being published until Sunday night!

Did you experience this state in the early days with your baby?  What, if anything, helped you get through it?