While I was away on holiday, I had been thinking about this blog post.  Although I still haven’t hit on breastfeeding or sleep issues or exercise (all things to come),  I decided to talk about something a bit more fun and less serious.  Through Twitter, I came upon a website called Babybumptalk, the pregnant woman’s place to vent.  It is hilarious and I thought I’d share one of their posts about what you can and can’t say to a pregnant woman: The Rules for talking to a pregnant woman.  It is really funny and right on the mark.  The last few lines are suggestions of what you can say to a pregnant woman…including congratulations! how exciting! and what wonderful news!  

I thought of another thing you can discuss with pregnant women and that is their cravings.  It is fascinating what some mums-to-be just absolutely need when they are expecting.  


For me, it was McDonald’s.  I am not lying when I say that I really have not otherwise had McDonald’s more than once or twice in the last 10 years!  However, each time I became pregnant, I was just desperate to have it.  With my first, I must have walked in and out of the McDonald’s about 10 times before finally succumbing to my internal dialogue telling me to just give in.  I caved and I felt absolutely sick right after I was finished.  Did that stop me during my second and third pregnancies from having the same craving?  No, not even close.  

Thinking about this, I decided to run a competition.  In keeping with the spirit of this blog post, we are inviting our readers (and friends too please) to comment, tweet, or post on Bundle-O-Joy’s Facebook page their craziest pregnancy craving.  It doesn’t have to be from a current pregnancy, it can be any from the past.   We will be having a random draw of all of entries on 10 September, and the winner will receive either a soothing body balm OR  a tummy butter.  Both products are made by B organic, a company dedicated to making products that are free of nasty chemicals and safe for pregnancy, babies and even excema.  I have used the soothing body balm on myself and on my little one for his excema, and it has worked wonders!  

We will be posting some of the craziest responses once the competition is over!  Thanks and good luck.

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