I have to admit, this happened to me.  It was very unsightly and quite disturbing.  And yes, it happened with all three.  I remember taking a picture of my feet with my first, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Lucky for you, I will spare you by not sharing this photo (the above feet are NOT mine).  I had so much swelling in my feet, to the point where I could barely walk more than a few feet without having to sit down.  This was very bad timing as I still needed to get quite a few things before the baby arrived and shopping was out of the question.  (Hence internet shopping was born for me!)  I have always been amazed seeing women wearing heels in pregnancy.  For me, this was not only unrealistic as my back was in such bad shape, but there was no way I could even consider shoving my huge swollen feet in anything but a pair of flip flops or flats.

Pregnancy is tough on your feet.  Walking around with so much extra weight shifts your centre of gravity, increasing the pressure on your knees and feet.  Couple that with water retention which leads to swelling, and it is definitely time for a pedicure.  I have never gotten the image out of my head of my tired, aching, swollen feet.  So much so that I decided to provide a product that would be a special treat for anyone who experienced this as well.  

Introducing….Mama’s Soothing Leg and Foot Cream 

– luxury for those hard working legs carrying your precious cargo!  Made by Shea Mooti, a company that has dedicated themselves to producing ethical,  luxurious skincare products designed for mothers-to-be, their precious bundles of joy, and life after baby.  You will see that the bundle also includes:

Mama’s Everything Body Balm   

– the most versatile product made by Shea Mooti.  The body balm can be used to soothe and moisturise your bump, bottom, lips, knees and even heels.  Mama’s Everything Body Balm won the Bronze Lovedbyparents Award in the Best Maternity Product Category.

Mama’s Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil  

– to moisturise your bump, which is growing by the day!

Treat yourself to these gorgeous products.  Your body will thank you.  Your feet will thank you.