Bundle-O-Joy pregnancy photo shoot – GET THE LOOK


This week we had a photo shoot to give our readers inspiration for how to look stylish while pregnant.  Pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from looking great – take a look at these pictures to see the proof that it’s just the opposite!  Our model (Carol) is not actually a model.  We wanted to use an everyday pregnant woman to show you that you too can look like a yummy mummy.  Most of the pieces seen in the photos can be found in our bundles.  Shoes and accessories, including jackets, are the model’s own to show how you can dress up the pieces to create many inspiring outfits. 


Carol is wearing a grey Dorothy Perkins top with topshop jeans.  Doesn’t she look like she’s going somewhere fun?


Carol is wearing the blue top from our Funmum summer bundle and Crave maternity jeans, which can be found in most of our essential bundles.  The bootleg cut is very flattering and goes great with Carol’s heels!



Carol is wearing our Crave long line top with Next leggings, both pieces found in almost all bundles.  She has teamed up the outfit with wedges and a colourful scarf.  This top can be dressed up or down and has two looks, as you can pull the drawstrings on the side to create a ruched look or keep it long like in the photos.


Again, Carol has added her own scarf to add some colour to her outfit.  She is wearing the Crave maternity   black long line top, our most versatile piece, with the Funmum white linen trousers.  Mixing and matching at  its best!



Here we can see the Crave maternity black vest, a comfortable top that can be worn on its own as seen here or underneath a blazer or top as you will see in the next pictures.  It has a built in bust support and adjustable straps.  A great top with ruching on the sides as  well to flatter your bump.  It is also sold in cream in many of our bundles.



Same black vest as above under a blazer.



Same black vest as above under a white accessory top.



Same black vest with our Bundle-O-Joy pink scarf, which unfortunately is not for sale!


We’d love to hear a comment about which is your favourite look…

Please contact us at info@bundleojoy.co.uk if you’d like to purchase any pieces individually, and not in their respective bundles.

All photos taken by Felicity Lass, a North London photographer whose work can be seen at www.felicitylassphotography.co.uk.  She specialises in families and children, but as you can see, she is a great studio photographer as well!!