It seems Victoria Beckham has had a custom buggy created for their daughter, Harper Seven, by iCandy.   I can only imagine how this is going to skyrocket sales of these now must-have, celebrity, luxury, baby transporters.  When I had my first child, seven years ago, the Bugabbo was just being introduced as the item that everyone in the baby world coveted.  Gwenyth Paltrow was amongst the first to push Apple in hers, and the trend was started.  It is only fair game that the market has changed and there are new must-haves in terms of buggies.

The Maclaren used to be the ultimate stroller when it came to a lightweight, easy stroller to navigate around the streets of London.  Just for interest’s sake, I had a look on eBay for what these are now flogged for, and couldn’t believe how much their ‘stock’ has dropped.  They are barely turning a profit in the second hand stakes, meaning that they are no longer items that are wanted to the same degree that they once were.

For my third child, I needed something easy to use for the school run.  I wanted a buggy where I could easily transfer him in his car seat to a set of wheels, without the whole production of actually removing him from the seat.  I bought the Quinny Zapp chassis (see below) and the adaptors for the Maxi Cosi seat.  I have to say that this was the right option in so many ways – easy to fold, compact, non bulky, light etc. etc.    


However, the biggest surprise has been the number of compliments I have received, both in London and abroad when pushing my Quinny wheels around.  Some of the most repeated:

‘That is so cool.’

‘It doesn’t even look like a buggy.’

‘Where did you buy that?’

‘I love your buggy.’     


Most first time pregnant women still have the luxury of shopping around for buggies.  They usually go to the shops, push them around, look at reviews online and basically try to figure out what is going to be ideal.  I secretly believe that this is all for show.  I think that buying a buggy is the same as buying an Alexa bag, or a trendy pair of wedges – whatever is cool at the moment, usually is the must-have baby accessory.  I guess iCandy is it!  Shame, as I had really wanted the City Mini Jogger to replace my Maclaren!!