Carrying a baby for nine months is not easy.  It is worth it, but still not easy.  I could write a whole post on the sacrifices, difficulties, challenges that go along with being pregnant.  But I will save that for another day.  (See some below, couldn’t resist.)  Today I want to give a suggestion for a new trend – the ‘BUMP PRESENT’.  You may have heard of a ‘PUSHING PRESENT’,  a gift that is given to new mothers from husbands / partners once they’ve given birth, to thank them for delivering their new bundle-o-joy.  Some mothers have to leave subtle hints, others have to pick it out themselves, and some partners are very good at choosing gifts – whatever the method, it is a VERY important thing for a new mother.    

But how about while the mother is pregnant?  How about when she wakes up 20 times a night to go to the loo? How about when she loses her ankles due to swelling?  How about the daily hormonal changes, weeping, nausea, weight gain, and tiredness?  Wouldn’t a lovely gift be nice for a mum-to-be during her pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of don’ts.  Don’t eat soft cheese.  Don’t drink alcohol.  Don’t lie on your right side.  Don’t eat for two.  The list goes on.  Why not make pregnancy a time of do’s?  Do buy some nice clothes for a mum-to-be.  Do treat her to something nice to make her feel special.  Do send her for a pregnancy massage or a lovely haircut. 

A Bundle-O-Joy maternity bump present would be perfect.  You don’t have to be a spouse, anyone could buy it for a friend, a daughter or a sister.  Buy them something useful, practical yet stylish and comfortable.  They will LOVE you for it.