With my last two pregnancies, I went 8 days and 10 days over my due date respectively. Now I know that the due date is an arbitrary number, not an accurate indication of when the baby will actually arrive. However, having that date in your calendar can really screw with your head when your emotions are already up in arms. Picture it – 40 weeks pregnant, huge and uncomfortable, can barely walk up the road, trying hard to be patient while you wait for signs of labour. To top it off, you’ve got people calling you all the time asking you if there is any news. You feel completely disappointed that there isn’t, a bit resentful that they are asking (you would tell them if there was!!!), and then equally miserable for feeling resentful as you know they are just being kind by checking in on you!!

Everyone has their tips for naturally inducing labour when you are overdue. I have compiled a list of some common suggestions that I was told to try:

1) Raspberry leaf tea
2) Pineapple
3) Walking
4) Sex
5) Curries
6) Reflexology

Of course, there are no ways to prove that any of these actually work as you have no idea if the baby would have made his / her appearance without trying any of these methods. But I suppose they are worth a try, as anything is worth a try when you are desperately waiting to meet your baby. I did try all of these methods (except the last) and none seemed to have any effect on speeding things up. For me, I think being booked to be induced did the trick as both babies arrived on the day of the appointment!

Did you try any of the above and did they work for you? Do you know of any other natural methods for inducing labour?