The elusive nappy bag

I have had three babies, and five different nappy bags, and still wasn’t ever happy with any of my choices or selections! I always found that there were limitations with each of them:

  1. They are not very practical – I could never find anything in most of mine, and had to completely dump the whole bag to find a dummy or something small.
  2. They often aren’t very stylish, and therefore were not my favourite thing to lug around.
  3. The nice ones are very expensive, and for something you will use for a relatively short time, is it really worth splashing out on a baby accessory?
  4. They are not really practical for using with the buggy, they are either too heavy and pull the whole buggy down or the buggy straps aren’t positioned right and it doesn’t sit very well on the buggy.

A few times, I thought of using a normal bag instead of a nappy bag.  Invariably though, they are too small and there are no places for bottles to stay upright.  The portable nappy pad that comes with most nappy bags is quite useful as some baby change stations are just too hideous for words.  So, it never quite worked to avoid using one, and I always caved in the end.

So….even though I’m no longer in the market for a nappy bag, I thought I’d put together some good options for others who face this very dilemma.

  1. Pacapod – This bag seems like a great solution to issue number 1 (see above).  Their motto is ‘No matter where you wander, everything’s in place.’ It compartmentalizes all your bits and bobs, so that things are in separate parts of the bag and therefore easy to find.  They seem to have come up with all different designs and some even look quite stylish.  They have buggy clips and therefore attach cleverly onto the buggy.  The price ranges from £75 to £180, but the nicer designs are pricier.  Could this be the bag I should have bought?  Has anyone had one and loved it?
  2. Yummy Mummy – These bags are cleverly named as the ultimate accessory for any yummy mummy.  They are quite feminine and youthful, a sort of Cath Kidson type of look without all of the flowers.  I’m not sure of their practicality as I’ve never used one, but they seem to be quite popular and mums like the designs.  Price is £79.
  3. Skip Hop – This company is based in the US but sells its bags in many shops including John Lewis.  The bags are more reasonable in price e.g. £52, have lovely patterns, side pouches for bottles and come with a changing mat.  They do have buggy straps, but I found it difficult to find things in this bag once the bottles were in.
  4. Oi oi – They have extended their range since I was in the market for a nappy bag, and now have some really lovely leather bags on offer.  The price tag is steep though and they range from approximately £90-£200.  They look lovely but I did use a messenger bag and had the same practicality problem as I couldn’t get to anything I needed in it with any ease.

Some other brands that you might want to have a look at:






Have any of you found the PERFECT nappy bag?  Please share and recommend to our readers!  We also welcome any short reviews of any of the bags mentioned in the post!