I really was a big complainer when I was pregnant. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? It also felt horrible to be miserable when I should have been grateful for what was about to come. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful while I was feeling miserable. There were just so many things I longed for during those long (seemingly never-ending) nine months.

One of my friends reminded me about the fact that I wasn’t such a pleasure to be around during my second pregnancy. I took that advice on board and really, really tried to be more pleasant when I was on my third. At least I did around her! I tried not to think about how uncomfortable I was, how swollen my face looked, how much weight I had put on. I just couldn’t help it though.

I have put together a list of some of the things I dreamed about while I was pregnant:

1) Rolling over – this was such a production, especially as we have quite a low bed.
2) Lying on my back OR my stomach.

3) Exercise – real, proper exercise. Since I hadn’t done much before getting pregnant, I didn’t think it was a good time to start!
4) Losing my baby weight – pregnancy is really NOT the time to be thinking about this, but that didn’t stop me.
5) Eat sushi – I am a bit of a sushi fanatic, so I found this particularly difficult. I do know some pregnant women who have eaten sushi while pregnant, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.
6) Sleep – this is something else I struggled with (and still do) and I just couldn’t get comfortable. An upcoming blog post will be dealing with sleep, or lack of it, during pregnancy.
7) Get my ankles back.

Since having my third (and last) baby, I really have embraced some of the things I was unable to do. First and foremost, I started exercising. I joined a gym, and started training for a 10K which I just ran on Sunday. It wasn’t the fastest time ever, but I am proud of
my accomplishment and am happy that I am back to my pre-baby weight!

What did you struggle with while pregnant? What was the one thing you wished you could do??