Introducing Kate Kellaway…our November Pregger of the month.  We look forward to posting Kate’s photo of her bump in the next few days.

How far along are you?

Due 28th November 2011

Have you got any other children or is this the first?

A daughter who will be 4 in February.

What are you most excited about?

Finding out if it is a boy or a girl. We didn’t want to know before it was born.

What are you most nervous about?

Coping with two children!

Most inappropriate pregnant remark made to you?

You’re getting very fat!” (made by my mother in law who clearly knows I am pregnant) very ironic as I have lost personal weight and am ALL baby weight. (Size 10 usually so don’t carry extra weight anyway!) I hate when people refer to pregnant women as ‘fat’. Yes some women do get fat with it but most of us just get  a bump. I’d much rather hear “Look how your bump is growing!”

Have you found it difficult to stay stylish while pregnant?

Clothing wise, yes, as maternity clothes are not stylish at all and I find at lot of them are not stretching over my bump or are not big enough over the bust to cope with my every grwoing breasts so don’t really fit properly. Skin and hair care wise I have found it easy when I am not tired as my skin and hair are in fabulous condition and require little effort.

What are you most enjoying about your pregnancy?

The attention I get from people especially strangers! We also have a lovely midwife team and so I really enjoy the antenatal check ups and discussing all my hopes and fears with the midwife.

What is your biggest gripe?

Usually I am a very busy person and I am finding it extremely difficult to rest. I get very down when I get tired as I am so used to being active and I hate wasting my day sat on the sofa and taking it easy when there are so many things to be done all the time. I hate feeling helpless and watching other people do the jobs I should be doing. My husband is full of support and constantly has to remind me that carrying a child is the hardest job of all with the most responsibility. It’s not all about keeping the house tidy or cooking wonderful meals, but resting and keeping myself and the baby fit a prepared for labour.

Have you had any crazy cravings?

No cravings as such but I have gone off of beef and lamb. Very unfortunate seeing as we farm sheep and beef cows! As a result I have been very aneamic during this pregnancy and have had to go on tablets. I seem to have required a taste for more spicy foods which Iwas not keen on before, such as chillies (Sainsbury’s now do a lovely chilly jelly!), English mustard (a ham and mustard sandwich is always welcome which I was not so keen on before!)

Did you find out what you are having?  Explain why (either way)…

No. I feel there are very few surprises in life. A friend of mine found out and the sonopgrapher had got it wrong.  Also another friend of mine found out, then had a dreadful pregnancy with pre-eclampsia  and had to have lots of weight scans, then eventually was booked in for a c-section so she knew the sex, rough weight, date and time of birth. What was left to find out? The colour of it’s hair? You can’t change the sex if you find out early. It is like someone handing you a wrapped up Christmas present and telling you what is inside.  What is the fun in that?

Kate can be found on Twitter @kate_kellaway 

Thanks Kate, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.  I agree with your husband, rest up and take it easy!!