Gosh, it is May already and time for our “Pregger of the Month” interview. This month we talk to the lovely pregnant Kate Towey, who looks amazing with her growing bump. You can follow Kate on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/katiemaymanc and read her blog about all things maternity and pregnancy http://www.the-latch.com/ (including the post about her rather peculiar craving)!


How far along are you?

25 weeks

Have you got any other children or is this the first?

This will be my first baby.

What are you most excited about?

Meeting this little thing who is going to totally flip our world upside down

What are you most nervous about?

I’ve never changed a nappy in my life so I am slightly fearful that I mighty be rubbish at it. I’m sure I’ll master it pretty quickly though!

Most inappropriate pregnant remark made to you?

I’ve been pretty surprised by the number of people who have asked if it was planned (it very much was). Maybe because we aren’t married some people assume that you can’t possibly have planned it without, shock horror, being married.

Have you found it difficult to stay stylish while pregnant?

Not so far – i’ve just swapped my skinny jeans for skinny maternity jeans! I still like to wear dresses and put on a pair of heels occasionally too.

What are you most enjoying about your pregnancy?

I love seeing my body change and feeling the baby move around. It’s a magical feeling.

What is your biggest gripe?

Tiredness and lower back pain but in general they are both manageable and I feel good most of the time.

Have you had any crazy cravings?

The weirdest craving has actually been a craving for the smell of shoe polish and leather. I went through a period of hovering around outside Timpon’s the cobblers! Thank god I didn’t actually go in and buy any shoe polish to eat .I thought about it at times!

Did you find out what you are having?  Explain why (either way)…

No, we are keeping it a surprise. I always thought I would find out the sex but am so glad that we haven’t.  It feels like it’s going to make their arrival extra special. I have a hunch it’s a boy though so I am excited to see if I am correct or not.