How long will my bundle take to arrive?

We aim to get each bundle (in a lovely package) to arrive within 4 working days via Royal Mail dependent upon which postage option you choose. For international orders, please contact us for details and costs.

Are the pieces new?

The pieces in the essentials, mini and deluxe bundles are new. Some pieces may not have tags or may have marked tags, but are still new. Occasionally we may offer pre-worn bundles as well where the pieces are used but in very good condition. We will always make it clear if it is a pre-loved product.

Where are the pieces sourced from?

We have pieced together items from different retailers and wholesalers in an effort to create a comfortable, stylish and affordable package of clothes for you. Bundle-O-Joy is just like having your own personal shopper! We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Please note that Bundle-O-Joy does not manufacture or produce any of the clothing (yet!).

What happens if I want to return my bundle?

You can return the bundle in its entirety within 14 days via post or courier (as arranged by you). We recommend you retain proof of postage. You can return individual items from a bundle, the cost of the item will be determined by Bundle-O-Joy. Please note that if a return is to be made, the buyer must contact Bundle-O-Joy, informing us of the return within 14 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund return postage.

Can I add items onto an existing bundle?

*NEW* We are pleased to announce that bundles can be modified. If you’d like to add an item on, or take an item off, please contact us and if we have the stock available, we will give you the new price.

Can I sell my bundle back to Bundle-O-Joy?

Please contact us as we may buy back bundles where the items are in good condition.