When I got pregnant for the first time, a friend of mine bought me a silky, flowery top with a drawstring at the back.  Although it was very flattering as it hugged my bump nicely, the top was not really my taste and I never would have chosen it for myself.  That being said, every single time I wore this top, I got compliments on how lovely I looked and what a nice top it was.  This continued through my three pregnancies and I always got the same reaction.  Go figure. 

We all have a favourite piece of clothing when we’re pregnant.  It’s usually the most comfortable but not necessarily the most stylish.  It fits nicely and we wear it again and again, to the point of never wanting to see it again once the baby is born.  Usually this item is a pair of jeans, but it could be a top or vest or even a dress.  Or maybe it’s something you wouldn’t leave the house wearing! 

Maternity clothing can be difficult.  The trend these days is to follow the celebrity looks and look immaculate, even when feeling completely unstylish, uncomfortable and miserable (yes, you can admit it).  What is on offer these days is certainly a lot more stylish than it used to be, but does that mean it’s comfortable?  Probably not.  Who wants to walk around in heels when you are carrying a child in your belly?  Not me!  I couldn’t get them off fast enough in the situations when I had to wear them e.g wedding! 

I’m all for comfort during pregnancy.  I think that style can be combined with this concept, but first and foremost should be comfort.  What do you think?  On more than one occasion, I literally ripped what I was wearing off and had to go out and buy something new then and there!!  (I bought the new piece first, just in case you were wondering.) 

What was your most comfortable or favourite piece of clothing during your pregnancy?