Maternity trends for Autumn / Winter

Bundle O Joy Maternity Autumn Winter Trends for pregnancy

Autumn trends 2012 – staying stylish during pregnancy    It’s official, summer is over and it’s time to start rockin’ the autumn trends.  Is this even possible when you are pregnant??  Some of the trends I’ve seen this autumn involve bold patterns, super shiny coats, baggy leather pants and cowboy styled paraphernalia.  Hmmm, not so […]

The perfect baby bag?

Baby Changing Bag Blog from Bundle-O-Joy

The elusive nappy bag I have had three babies, and five different nappy bags, and still wasn’t ever happy with any of my choices or selections! I always found that there were limitations with each of them: They are not very practical – I could never find anything in most of mine, and had to […]

To travel or not to travel?

Travelling with a baby Bundle O Joy Maternity Wear

Travelling with a baby? Imagine this…. …A frazzled mum is travelling on her own with two small children, one a baby, one a toddler. She is struggling through the airport with both kids, nappy bag, carry on and too many other numerous things to count. It takes absolute ages for the plane to board, at […]

July Pregger of the Month!

Every month, Bundle-O-Joy feature a pregnant mum-to-be on the blog. Our July Pregger of the Month is Shelley Belson, aged 30, who is a qualified nursery nurse, maternity nurse and Ofsted registered nanny. She also runs a website where families are able to advertise for a nanny, babysitter, maternity nurse, au pair or any other […]

Urban Farms – A Great Family Day Out!

This week we’re thrilled to have a guest blog from Rachel Bull, editor of Live Urban Love Rural   Urban farms offer a slice of the countryside in the heart of a city, and make for ideal family days out. Most farms are free and give young children the chance to learn about animals and where our […]

And the winner is…

Thank you for all of your votes on our most stylish pregnant celebrity! Sienna Miller won with 44% of the vote, followed by 31% for Reese Witherspoon. Neve Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar shared third place, but it seems that Tori Spelling needs a bit of a boost in the maternity clothing department – maybe […]

Pregnant celebrities – vote in our competition for the best maternity look of 2012

Never has it been so cool to be expecting….baby bumps are shown in the magazines as the accessory du jour, almost like a trend that you don’t want to miss out on.  What makes pregnant celebrities so fashionable and why are we so interested in them and their offspring? A few possibilities: 1)      We like to […]

June Pregger of the Month!

Welcome to our June Pregger of the Month – we had to get this one in quickly as she’s due in just a few days! Good luck Bex and let us know when baby arrives!! Here’s our interview… How far along are you? 39+3 Have you got any other children or is this the first? […]

Running around after little one(s) whilst pregnant

What makes it so difficult? Shouldn’t it be easier second (or third) time round? Little ones seem to instinctively know when a baby is on the way.  They seem to know that it means big changes are coming – this knowledge is usually expressed as neediness in an altogether different, yet challenging way.  For example, toddlers will ask you […]

May’s Pregger of the Month

Gosh, it is May already and time for our “Pregger of the Month” interview. This month we talk to the lovely pregnant Kate Towey, who looks amazing with her growing bump. You can follow Kate on twitter!/katiemaymanc and read her blog about all things maternity and pregnancy (including the post about her rather peculiar craving)!   How […]

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