We know that choosing the right fit is critical to being comfortable, especially when you’re pregnant and your body is changing.

We suggest that for maternity clothes, you choose the size (e.g. 8,10,12 etc) that you were before you were pregnant, but we realise that this doesn’t work for everyone. Some maternity clothing comes sized Small, Medium, Large etc, which isn’t always that helpful either and some items will see you through your entire pregnancy, others for just a certain period of time.

We try our best to match sizes within our bundles, so you may see that some bundles have a slight variation in marked sizes within the bundle. Or you may get one piece which is a size 10 and another which is a Small. This is because not every manufacturer sizes to exactly the same measurements.

Where possible, we’ll try to give you sizing information on each piece, especially as new stock comes in. If you’re unsure of sizing, feel free to contact us and we’ll measure a specific item for you, or send us your measurements and we’ll put a bundle together just for you!

Below, you’ll find our sizing guide, but please check with us if you are unsure.

Our  trouser lengths are:

Regular – 81cm / 32in

Long – 86cm / 34in

Size Chart