Running around after little one(s) whilst pregnant

What makes it so difficult? Shouldn’t it be easier second (or third) time round? Little ones seem to instinctively know when a baby is on the way.  They seem to know that it means big changes are coming – this knowledge is usually expressed as neediness in an altogether different, yet challenging way.  For example, toddlers will ask you […]

May’s Pregger of the Month

Gosh, it is May already and time for our “Pregger of the Month” interview. This month we talk to the lovely pregnant Kate Towey, who looks amazing with her growing bump. You can follow Kate on twitter!/katiemaymanc and read her blog about all things maternity and pregnancy (including the post about her rather peculiar craving)!   How […]

The working mum-to-be – work it at work!

Work it at work…not an easy task when your body is growing (rapidly) and you don’t feel your best. What is a working mum-to-be to do? Accessorize – some of the best things to buy when you are pregnant are accessories.  The beauty of buying shoes, scarves, necklaces etc. is that they will all still fit […]

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