Morning (or all day) sickness

Image by Quite a common question I hear amongst pregnant women is “Why in the world is it called morning sickness?”  It almost never takes place in the morning and it is certainly not confined to that period.  I was one of the lucky ones.  When I say lucky, I mean I only threw up once […]

First few weeks with new baby go by in a foggy haze

I am trying to quickly write this blog post whilst my youngest naps, my middle one plays near me and my eldest is at school.  I have already gone to Debutots (local drama class), done laundry, picked up from nursery, cleaned the house, done some work, and made and cleaned up from lunch.  I am […]

Planning the birth – what are your options?

Today we have a guest post by Maria Barker.  She has given us some insight on what your options are for giving birth and how to go about planning for your big day.  My advice is not to get too attached to any specific plan, as it may not pan out the way you imagine! […]

Getting rid of baby stuff

I don’t think I’m unusual in trying to shift all of my baby gear. Unfortunately for me, I did this all too quickly after baby number two, thinking that there were no more to come. After number three came along, I had to borrow and buy quite a number of things, but am now in the […]

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