It is birth ladies, just not as we know it!

Today’s guest post is about labour, a topic that fills newly pregnant mums with dread and fear.  Nina Weisfeld is writing about how labour doesn’t have to be as scary as we think! I wish I would have known about hynobirthing before having my three – could have helped with some of the hysterics! Firstly, […]

The one thing you wish you could do while pregnant

I really was a big complainer when I was pregnant. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? It also felt horrible to be miserable when I should have been grateful for what was about to come. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful while I was feeling miserable. There were just so many things I longed for […]

The waiting game – when your baby is overdue

With my last two pregnancies, I went 8 days and 10 days over my due date respectively. Now I know that the due date is an arbitrary number, not an accurate indication of when the baby will actually arrive. However, having that date in your calendar can really screw with your head when your emotions […]

Finding out the sex of your baby…or not

With each of my three children, I found out their sex at my 20 week scan. I remember getting some pretty strong reactions from people who thought this was ‘ruining the surprise’. My view at the time was and still is; it is still a surprise whether it takes place at 20 weeks or 40 […]

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