Bundle-O-Joy pregnancy photo shoot – GET THE LOOK

Bundle-O-Joy pregnancy photo shoot – GET THE LOOK   This week we had a photo shoot to give our readers inspiration for how to look stylish while pregnant.  Pregnancy doesn’t have to stop you from looking great – take a look at these pictures to see the proof that it’s just the opposite!  Our model […]

Baby accessory du jour – Le Buggy

It seems Victoria Beckham has had a custom buggy created for their daughter, Harper Seven, by iCandy.   I can only imagine how this is going to skyrocket sales of these now must-have, celebrity, luxury, baby transporters.  When I had my first child, seven years ago, the Bugabbo was just being introduced as the item that […]

A new trend – the maternity ‘BUMP PRESENT’

  Carrying a baby for nine months is not easy.  It is worth it, but still not easy.  I could write a whole post on the sacrifices, difficulties, challenges that go along with being pregnant.  But I will save that for another day.  (See some below, couldn’t resist.)  Today I want to give a suggestion for a […]

Pregnant in the heat, heat, heat: 8 Tips for Staying Cool

  I have had two June babies, so I know what this feels like.  Having been through two of England’s hot summers while pregnant, I can empathise with anyone who is heavily pregnant in the warmer months.  Now usually this isn’t so much of a problem with a normal English summer, as we usually don’t […]

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