When is enough enough?

After my first child, if my husband had had his way, we would have stopped at one.  We were so smitten with our little girl; we couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as we loved her.  I know – very cliché.  Then came number two.  Of course, we were equally as smitten with him, […]

Something Borrowed

  It is usually the case that with your first pregnancy, you go out and buy yourself a whole new, expensive maternity wardrobe. You just can’t help yourself! With subsequent pregnancies, the trend shifts quite quickly towards borrowing. The same would apply with babies – the firstborn gets a brand new Bugaboo, bright Whoozit toys […]

Bundle-O-Joy Competition

Bundle-O-Joy is having a special competition. All you have to do is ‘Like’ us on facebook or follow us on Twitter and send us your details via our Contact us page, and you’ll be entered to win our exciting first BABY BUNDLE! Included: Sophie the Giraffe teething toy Soft cuddly toy …and many more exciting […]

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